Pondering Playtime // Gigantosaurus Soapy Dinosaur Tuff Spot

May 31, 2019

Welcome back to Pondering Playtime, my fortnightly series where I share a favourite picture book and a craft or play activity to go with it. This week, I’ve chosen Gigantosaurus by Jonny Duddle, and set up this soapy foam dinosaur tuff spot for the girls to play with.

Gigantosaurus – What’s the Story?

Gigantosaurus is about a group of little dinosaurs who are warned about a scary predator dinosaur, Gigantosaurus, by their parents. Their friend Bonehead offers to be a lookout, but is this a case of the dinosaur who cried, “Gigantosaurus!”?

The book has wonderful, detailed illustrations, and an explanation at the back about how a Gigantosaurus is a fictional dinosaur, as well as information about the other, real dinosaurs in the story.

Gigantosaurus by Jonny Duddle

Gigantosaurus – Soapy Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Sensory Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Credit for this tuff spot idea has to go to @nannyharri on Instagram. I spotted a very similar activity to this that she’d done with safari animals and shaving foam, and it looked like so much fun, that I thought we’d give it a go.

For our tuff spot, I simply set up our toy dinosaurs in a circle, then sprayed foaming soap in the middle. I added some model trees to the foam to make a kind of soapy swamp, then let the girls play! The foaming soap smells amazing and it really does foam, so you only need a little!

Once the girls had finished playing, I gave them a small tub of water to give the dinosaurs a bath in, to save me having to do all of the clearing up!

Giving the dinosaurs a bath.

You will need:

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Sensory Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Gigantosaurus – What M thought

I bought Gigantosaurus last week because M’s theme at preschool was dinosaurs, and I was invited in to be a ‘mystery reader’. I wanted to choose something new, as we have got quite a few dinosaur-themed picture books, but they’re old hat to M now!

M (and the other children at her preschool!) really enjoyed this story. M finds the character of Bonehead particularly funny (although she calls him ‘Headbone’, which makes me laugh)!

Both girls got stuck into the tuff spot and enjoyed smearing the soapy foam around. I think their favourite part was giving the dinosaurs a bath, though!

EYFS sensory dinosaur tuff spot

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Looking for a fun and easy EYFS dinosaur themed sensory activity? Check out this soapy foam dinosaur tuff spot!

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