SpaceCot Travel Cot Review

September 2, 2017

As I’ve mentioned before, we spent last week on holiday in East Sussex. It was Little M’s first time staying away from home since she outgrew the sleep safe carrycot of her Uppababy Vista, so the lovely people over at A Little Bit Brilliant kindly sent us a SpaceCot travel cot for us to review.

SpaceCot Travel Cot // How it Folds

My favourite thing about the SpaceCot is how easy it is to put up and down. Having never used a travel cot before, I have nothing to compare it to, but I’ve heard from friends that they can be a right pain to get sorted. I think my lack of vlogging (and an Instagram feed full of Little M) is testament to how much I hate putting myself on camera, but I thought the best way to demonstrate how easy the SpaceCot is to use, was to show you. (I still won’t make Vlogger of the Year anytime soon though, as I’ve said we were on holiday in West Sussex instead of East Sussex. Whoops!)

SpaceCot Travel Cot // What’s in the Box

The SpaceCot itself is quite compact, but Little M still fitted into it comfortably at 15 months. It comes with its own mattress which folds inside the travel cot. We packed Little M’s bedding separately in her suitcase, but in retrospect, there was plenty of room to pack it into the SpaceCot’s handy travel bag. The SpaceCot also comes with its own crib attachment which you can use for smaller babies, until they are able to sit up unaided. Obviously we weren’t able to use this with Little M as she’s too big for it now, but it’s a fab idea!

Space cot, travel essentials, staycation essentialsI’m not going to lie, the first night was hard work. Little M struggled with being somewhere other than her cot in her  room – for a while now, this has been the only place that she will sleep, except for on very long car journeys when she’s desperate for a nap. It took her a few hours to settle (we tried all sort in that time, cuddling her and putting her back down, rubbing her back, bringing her in with us – nothing worked!) but settle she did, and she went straight down in the SpaceCot for her nap the next day.

To be honest, I think most of the problem was that we were sleeping in the same bedroom as her. Little M is a super light sleeper, and I think it was a mistake for us all to be in one room. After that first night, she went down to sleep brilliantly in the SpaceCot, but we kept waking her when we came to bed. The cottage we rented was so lovely, and in a gorgeous setting, but we’ll definitely have to rent somewhere with two bedrooms next time! Thankfully, once she’d gone back to sleep, Little M slept through until morning, so she must have been pretty snug in the SpaceCot!

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SpaceCot Travel Cot // Packing Away

At the end of the week, it was so easy to pack the SpaceCot away – SpaceCot claims that it takes just three seconds to fold, and they’re not wrong! Then it went back into its bag and into the car. Easy as that! We put it in the footwell behind the driver’s seat because we wanted to be able to pull the shelf over the contents of the boot (safety first!) but it would have easily fitted in there if we hadn’t insisted on taking so much stuff that we didn’t end up using! The SpaceCot certainly wasn’t one of those items, though, and we’ll definitely be taking it with us the next time we go away.

Disclosure: We were sent the SpaceCot free of charge in order to provide this review. However, all opinions are honest and my own.


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