Styling Your Home With Etsy Favourites {AD}

April 3, 2021

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When we moved into our new home at the end of January, we thought we wouldn’t need to do very much to it at all – the previous owners had refurbished it beautifully. However, we knew that wanted to decorate the girls’ bedrooms, then we realised that we needed new bedroom furniture so we may as well just decorate our bedroom too…

So, so far I have painted our main bedroom and now I’m working on how to finish that room. We have ordered a new bed and I’m currently waiting for that to arrive before I order the remainder of the furniture for the bedroom. I’ve been trying to support small businesses with more and more of my purchases over the past year or so, so I’ve been using Etsy to help me curate my favourites lists in order to plan the decor of each room.

The Main Bedroom

First is my main bedroom favourites list. I’ve painted it a beautiful shade of green and I want to keep a calming, natural feel in there. For me, this means lots of neutral colours and different textures to keep it interesting. I’m really enjoying the dried flower trend at the moment and I love the texture that a bit of macrame can bring.

I’m dreaming of a round mirror above my dressing table, and I’m planning to make our chests of drawers and wardrobes a little more individual with brass handles to match the brass details on our bedside pendant lights. I promise to show you everything once it’s finished!

It’s really important for us that the bedroom is somewhere calm and relaxing. There is an alcove for a television but we’re keen for this to be a tv-free zone. Instead, I’m planning to put some artwork in the alcove and use the shelf for some vases with some dried flowers or perhaps some eucalyptus, which we are fortunate to have growing in our garden! Hopefully it will all come together as beautifully.

M’s bedroom

Next, I want to talk about M’s bedroom. We have spent a lot of time on Pinterest together and M is very keen for a wall of large flowers. She was drawn to images with large print floral wallpaper, but as I’ve never wallpapered before, I found some beautiful flower wall decals instead. I’ve used these as a basis to put together another favourites list on Etsy for M’s bedroom.

M is almost five and while she wants a grown up bedroom (she’s desperate for a dressing table to keep her trinkets and later, make up), I’m keen to create something age-appropriate while giving her the room that she wants, which she can grow into without me having to redecorate every five minutes!

We bought B a Bellybambino Basket for her birthday earlier this month and M immediately said she’d like one too. M’s has chosen pink as the main colour of her theme and while we’re planning neutral walls to go with the pink decals, I’m planning to include lots of little hints of pink throughout with throws, a rug and wire knitted hearts. Hearts and flowers is definitely the theme here! I’ve already taken the ‘before’ photographs in M’s room and can’t wait until it’s finished. I’m hoping to have her room decorated and styled by her fifth birthday at the end of May.

B’s Bedroom

B has just turned three and, like M, has a very clear idea of her taste, but she differs in that she seems to change her mind constantly as to what she’d actually like her room to be like. She’s flitted between blue, green and even orange walls! But she keeps coming back to an image on Pinterest with a grey-ish pink at the bottom, and white with polka dots at the top. B also likes star shaped cushions and almost anything to do with unicorns! Of course, I’ve created an Etsy Favourites list with decor ideas for her, too.

For B, I want to create something really fun that’s suitable for a three year old, but I’m keen to keep it a calm space that’s focused on sleep, too (so definitely no orange and green walls; sorry B!). The girls are very lucky that they have a playroom for their toys, so their bedrooms are for sleeping rather than playing. That said, I still want it to be a fun space for B, and I’ve been lusting after this bee print by Lorna Freytag since B was tiny!

I want to keep her bedding fairly neutral so that if her tastes change and she wants the walls to be a different colour or style, they will still work. I also want to bring in some different textures with cushions and other decor. At the moment, the girls are sharing B’s room so that I can decorate M’s, then they’ll both sleep over in there until I’ve finished B’s. Hopefully it will all go to plan and won’t take me too long!

The Playroom

As I mentioned above, the girls are very lucky to have a playroom in our new house. I really want this to be a fun space for them to play and learn, and I think colour is definitely in order! I think my Etsy Favourites list for the playroom reflects that.

We already own this lovely knitted ‘read’ sign and a knitted star, so once I’ve finished decorating and organising I’ll unpack them and get them up on the wall. The girls both love animals of any description so we already have some lovely safari-themed toys and storage. I think this map of the world print will go beautifully with them.

The playroom is all about the accessories as it’s been painted a neutral colour fairly recently (this part of the house was only built a few years ago). I’m going to recycle a piece of furniture that’s currently in our bedroom and I have a couple more bits and pieces to add (like a rail for the girls’ dressing up clothes) so once the furniture is sorted, I can get on with the accessorising!

I hope you’ve found my Etsy favourites lists useful – I’ve really enjoyed curating them and have also created lists of great sustainable products, too. Pop over and have a look!

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