Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Monitor Review

November 7, 2018

Now that B is almost eight months old, we’re starting to think about moving her into her own room. For me, an essential item for this transition is a video monitor. Summer Infant sent us their new Baby Pixel video monitor to review, so we set about trying it out ready for when B makes the move to her nursery.


Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Monitor Review


At the moment, B is still very much in her Snüzpod next to our bed. She’s still waking once or twice during the night (more at the moment as she’s teething) and so I’m reluctant to move her into her own room, which is downstairs from our bedroom, on the middle floor. I really can’t cope with the thought of having to get myself out of bed and down a flight of stairs at 3am! So for the time being, she’s staying in with us! Because of this, we’ve been trying out the new Summer Infant Baby Pixel video monitor in M’s room.


When M moved into her own room, we bought the Summer Infant Baby Glow video monitor for her. It’s still going strong almost two years on, so I fully expect the Baby Pixel to have the same staying power! The Baby Pixel is new to the Summer Infant monitor range, though, and it shows. It has so many more features, which I’m sure we’ll soon decide that we can’t live without!


Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Monitor – Features


360 Tilt Camera

This is a feature that I was really excited to try as M’s monitor is fixed. You can pan and tilt the camera simply by moving the monitor screen itself up, down, left and right, like a remote control. The camera also has a three times zoom, so you can get a really good look at baby, if you need to.


Sleepzone Virtual Boundary Alert

This feature is perfect if you have a mini escape artist! Basically, you can set up a virtual zone in the monitor’s field of vision. If anything crosses the boundary of that zone, then an alert will sound. Ideal if your little one tries to escape their cot, or you have a cat that likes to roam where it shouldn’t!


Moonlite Night Vision Boost

This is an additional light which you can control via the monitor, if you feel that the night vision isn’t sufficient. Personally, I don’t feel that this feature is one that we’d use, as the night vision is clear enough and the light is pretty bright, so I’d be concerned that it would wake B especially, as she seems to be quite sensitive to light when she’s sleeping.


Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Monitor Review


Additional Features

In addition to all of the above, the Summer Infant Baby Pixel also displays the room temperature on screen. I often worry that M might get cold during the night, so this is a reassuring feature for me. The size of the screen is great, too, at 5 inches. It’s considerably larger than our old monitor, and allows us to see the whole of the cot, whereas before we had to guess where M’s head would be, and hope she didn’t move too much! As well as being freestanding, the camera comes with everything that you need to fix it to the wall – including safety clips to ensure that the power lead stays out of harm’s way.


Across the top of the screen, there’s a set of LED lights which light up from green to red when the baby makes a sound. This means that you can easily see when the baby is stirring, even with the sound turned down. There’s also a VOX option, which makes the screen automatically light up when a sound is made. This helps to save the battery.


There’s also a two-way talkback feature, and a choice of not one, but two night light colours. This means that you can choose between blue or red, depending on your child’s preference. For the adults, you can adjust the brightness of the monitor, meaning you won’t be blinded by it when checking on baby at 3am!


The monitor has a range of 240 metres, and you have the option to add more cameras. This makes it ideal if you have children in more than one room, or if you want to cover more of a single room. We’d definitely consider adding a second camera if M’s old monitor were to stop working.


Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Monitor – Our Verdict


Overall, I think that the Summer Infant Baby Pixel video monitor is a really good option. I love the 360 tilt function, as it means that if the camera gets knocked (we have it standing on a chest of drawers), then we can easily regain sight of the cot, without having to sneak back into the room of a sleeping baby! I also really like how sturdy the camera is when sat on a flat surface, as our Baby Glow camera used to topple quite frequently. A definite upgrade from Summer Infant!


Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Monitor Review


One notable omission from this model is the lack of playable sounds. Our old monitor has a range of lullabies and white noise, which this one doesn’t have. Fortunately, it’s not something that we’ll really miss, as neither M nor B rely on them to send them off to sleep. It might be a consideration for others, though.


With regard to battery life, while I haven’t timed exactly how long the battery lasts (and I guess this would be down to how often, and for how long, you had the screen lit up), I spent a good proportion of the day and evening playing about with the monitor and its features, and it still had life left in the battery when I went to bed. I imagine you’d need to plug in the monitor at the bedside if you wanted to have it on throughout the night.


In terms of price, the Summer Infant Baby Pixel video monitor sits at the higher end of the price range, with an RRP of £199.99. Having said that, it does have a lot of bells and whistles, so I think the price tag can be justified. If you like a gadget, this is the baby video monitor for you!


Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Monitor Review


Disclosure: I was sent the Summer Infant Baby Pixel video monitor free of charge, in order to provide this honest review. 

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