#Blogtober16 Day 25: The Super Power I’d Most Like to Have

October 25, 2016

Like most new parents, I think the super power I’d most like to have is super speed. Little M has just turned five months old and to be quite honest, I’m getting a bit fed up with living in a tip! My living room has descended into a mess of muslins, toys, breast milk bottles and microwave sterilisation bags…


I love spending time with Little M and cleaning is at the bottom of my priorities list but it would be nice to not have to apologise about the mess every time we have a visitor! I’d love to be able to zoom around the house during one of M’s naps and have the whole place sparkling in a matter of minutes.

It would also help greatly with Little M’s bedtime routine if dinner could be ready when hubby got home from work. At the moment, I end up chopping vegetables during M’s morning nap in the hope that it may somehow come together at some point before the end of the working day. How amazing would it be to have dinner made in a jiffy and ready to eat when hubby came in the door? Perhaps I need to get my slow cooker in action instead, as clearly super powers like this aren’t going to come my way any time soon!

Super speed would help with blog admin, too. I’m fortunate that I’m already a pretty speedy typist. One of my party tricks as a teacher would be to type on my laptop connected to the whiteboard whilst looking at and talking to the class at the same time. It never failed to amaze – ten year olds are easily pleased! However, it would be great if all of the admin around writing a blog post could be done at lightning speed!

Most of all, I think super speed would just remove a lot of the stress from my life – the stress of not having enough hours in the day, and provide me with more time to have fun with hubby and Little M.

Which super power would you most like to have?


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