Taking Time Together

August 18, 2017

Hubby and I had a day out together today, just us. Little M stayed at home with grandma and grandpa, while we took ourselves off to the Suffolk coast. We wanted to go somewhere a little further away that we wouldn’t normally travel to with Little M, as we usually tend to go out after her first nap. In fact, the last two days, she just had one nap, mid-morning until lunchtime, which makes it even trickier to have a full day out.

Anyway, hubby and I decided that we needed to take a bit of time together, just to be us. We had a spa day together to celebrate our anniversary last month, but as we’re both teachers, the summer holidays can get pretty long, so we wanted to have another day together where we didn’t have to worry about Little M’s needs for a change. That might sound selfish, but I think it’s important that we take the opportunity to have some proper quality time to be a couple.

So, we headed down to Aldeburgh for the day. We had a proper grown-up lunch in a restaurant without a baby in a highchair to worry about. I actually got to eat my lunch with both hands! Amazing! We sat on the beach, watching the clouds, chatting about this and that and nothing in particular.

If you’ve never been to Aldeburgh, it’s a really quaint little town, mostly set up for London types to spend their weekends on the coast. It’s full of pretty, pastel-coloured buildings, independent shops and upmarket chains. Despite not having Little M with us, we still managed to buy her a cute little outfit in the Joules sale!

I love how the shops have made an effort to work together to give the town a cohesive sense of prettiness – even the pharmacy has a cute mural on it!

Aldeburgh Suffolk

The only downside was that the sun went in and it started to spit with rain, so we decided to forgo our planned ice cream and popped home early. It was lovely to see Little M again and she was excited to see us too. As nice as it was to have time to ourselves, I think we were all pleased to be back together as a family again!

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