Jiggle Laa-Laa Soft Toy Review

September 18, 2018

*This is a collaborative review


Can you believe that Teletubbies is 21 years old? Unfortunately, I was embarking on my high school career when the show first came out, so I was more of a Postman Pat, He-Man and She-Ra fan as a child. However, Teletubbies is one of the few television programmes that we allow our toddler to watch, so I’ve become a bit of a closet fan in adulthood. With Teletubbies, the focus is on learning new concepts, and doesn’t encourage bad behaviour or violence (I can’t quite believe I have to vet children’s programmes for these latter aspects, but I do!). So if I do need fifteen minutes to just get something done, then I’m straight onto the iPlayer searching for Teletubbies reruns.


Fortunately, the toddler enjoys Teletubbies too (she’s currently laughing her head off at Po tickling Dipsy), so she was thrilled when we were asked to review the Jiggle Laa-Laa Soft Toy by Character Online. Of course, this toy was actually sent for our baby, as it’s suitable for use from birth.

Jiggle Laa-Laa Soft Toy

Tellytubby Soft Toy Review

Jiggle Teletubby Soft Toy

Laa-Laa Teletubby Soft Toy Review

Toddler Teletubbies Soft Toy


Baby B was drawn to it as soon as I gave it to her. The pull-and-retract jiggler and rattle make it more interesting than the average plush toy. I think Laa-Laa’s clear, friendly face makes her appealing to little ones too. B has certainly enjoyed playing with her! The toy also comes with at attachment to fix it to the carrycot or pushchair. This is always handy for little hands that let go of things easily. I think all parents know the panic of realising a well-loved toy is missing! It’s good to know that this can be avoided.


Of course, poor B was only allowed to play with Laa-Laa until M discovered her! As soon as M spotted her, she squealed with delight. M proclaimed her to be “my Laa-Laa”, before requesting to watch Teletubbies immediately. I’ve tried to explain to M that Laa-Laa is a baby toy, but she’s not bothered in the slightest. M loves pulling Laa-Laa’s feet to make her jiggle, and will wander around the house cuddling her. She even insists on taking Laa-Laa with us on car journeys. Despite the Jiggle Laa-Laa Soft Toy being designed for babies, it definitely appeals to two year olds, too!


The Jiggle Laa-Laa Soft Toy retails for £14.99.


Teletubbies Jiggle Laa-Laa Soft Toy Review


Disclosure: This is a collaborative review.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Aww how cute is this?
    Paisley is like that with Bridget’s toys too, she loves them and says they’re all hers.
    Love that you can attach it to stuff 🙂

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