My Breech Baby at 32 Weeks

April 13, 2016

Well, the 32 week scan didn’t turn out quite as I was expecting. I suppose in some ways it did, in that the baby was once again described as ‘awkward’ but now it’s starting to have some potential ramifications.

Firstly, extended breech. Again. Just like at 28 weeks. This means that her feet were up around her head, with her bottom down in my pelvis. So no chance of confirming the gender then, which to be honest was all I really had on my mind as everything has been going so well up to now.

And it’s not not going well now. Baby seems healthy and the heartbeat was there and strong. My urine and blood pressure is absolutely fine, which is really positive.

However,  her position meant she was really awkward to measure. They only managed to get the head measurement and one of the legs. So although my bump is still measuring just below the 50th percentile, where is always had, the baby measured at just on the 10th. This has triggered a growth scan at 34 weeks. Because, you know, you can never have enough scans! I’m hoping that the lack of measurements and the awkwardness of baby’s position means that they’ve simply measured wrong. But at least we’ve got another scan now so they can check.

Because she’s still breech, in the same position as at 28 weeks, the doctor declared that we’d have to have another scan at 36 weeks to see if she’s still breech then (we were already booked in for a 36 week scan anyway so this isn’t additional, I suppose they’ll just be looking for something else at the same time as the general monitoring).

If the baby is still breech at 36 weeks, apparently we have a few options. Firstly, I can go onto delivery suite and they can try to manually turn the baby. This has a risk that it might induce labour, but if it works it will mean I can deliver the baby naturally.

The second option (or if the first doesn’t work) is to go for a planned cesarean. Or, thirdly, if I wish, I can choose to try a vaginal breech delivery. In the doctor’s words, “this is more risky but they would respect my wishes if I wanted to choose this route”.

Something to mull over then! Hopefully she will turn by herself and I won’t need to worry about any of the above…



10 responses to “My Breech Baby at 32 Weeks”

  1. Sarah Howe says:

    Ooh fingers crossed the little monkey turns. Lots of options for you lovely but I bet you would like the easiest one. Good luck 🙂 xx #bloggerclubuk

  2. I hope the next scan confirms that they got the measurements wrong, and that your ‘awkward’ little lady decides to turn too! It sounds like your doctors have everything in hand though which must give you some level of reassurance. #BloggerClubUK

  3. Sophie Parry says:

    I’m having lots of scans at the moment due to my first being breech and delivering her naturally. I’m nearly 37 weeks and have a scan on Friday to check that this isn’t the case this time. It can be done naturally and if this one is breech I will be having to think about whether I want to go through that delivery again. I wish you all the best. X

  4. Bread says:

    My sister has two cesareans. For different reasons – my niece was an awkward baby too, though not quite in breech. I hope the next scans go well, and that whatever happens you have a healthy delivery and a healthy baby. #bloggerclubuk

  5. Laura: Adventures with J says:

    I hope they can measure accurately on the next scan but don’t get too worried by it. I got myself in a complete state after 28 week scan when they told me my baby had a big head, giant abdomen and off the chart tiny legs!! He turned out a perfectly proprtioned baby 🙂 Get on that yoga ball to try and turn her? naturally. All the best 🙂

  6. I’m glad your & baby’s health is good! It’s a tricky one with the baby being breech. I’m hoping that baby will turn themselves around in the next few weeks! At least you have some time to think about which option is best for you. Good luck lovely! Thanks so much for linking up with us at #bloggerclubuk x

    • Jules says:

      Yes we have had plenty of time to talk through how we feel about all of the options so I think we know what we want to do. I’m pleased because I’d be upset if I was put on the spot and made a decision that I later wasn’t happy with. x

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