The worry of one-sided cramping

December 22, 2015

Wednesday 30th September 2015

I spent this morning thinking about how I simply can’t believe how lucky we’ve been to fall pregnant so quickly. I really am so very grateful for that. But of course, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t also spending a significant amount of time worrying that something might go wrong. I suspect this is normal for all pregnant women, but to a greater extent for some more than others.

As you know, I have something of a penchant for Googling everything. For the 24 hours or so (and right now, now that I come to think about it) I’ve been having some crampy feelings to the left of my pelvic area. I mentioned it in twitter and had some reassuring responses that cramps are quite normal, but of course I turned to Google (mainly because my hypochondriac self has immediately assumed that the pregnancy must be ectopic).

I found a site that very (un)helpfully told me that left-sided cramp could be anything from completely normal cramps to implantation to miscarriage to the ectopic pregnancy I’m so concerned about.

However, it’s not severe and I’m not bleeding at all (both signs of ectopic pregnancy with one-sided pain) so I’m trying to just take a more relaxed attitude (ha I know that’s a good one!) that whatever will be, will be and I can’t do anything to change it if it is an early miscarriage or something else. Despite me just wanting to pick up the phone and call the doctor for reassurance! I think the pregnancy is too early even for an early pregnancy scan (from what I can gather they are only offered after six weeks, unless an ectopic pregnancy is suspected).

I’ll keep you posted on how things progress, even if it isn’t in real time, as these worries might help others in future feel like they’re not alone.

Edit from the future: It wasn’t ectopic, and completely normal. Phew! 

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