There’s a new NEXT in town…

April 21, 2017

Last week Little M and I were invited down to intu Lakeside to attend the opening of the new NEXT store there. We’ve never been to a store opening before, so we weren’t sure what to expect. We arrived around 30 minutes before the store was due to open. There was already a queue forming as the lovely people at NEXT intu Lakeside were giving away gold envelopes containing mystery vouchers to the first 25 people in the queue. Very exciting!

We, however, were ushered past said queue and into the store early to have a look around before everyone else. I’m not going to lie, this was a bit embarrassing… Now, I am a huge lover of NEXT, especially their children’s wear, so this was very exciting for me! Being the holidays, hubby had come along with us for the journey and I think he was secretly excited too! He loves a bit of NEXT men’s wear.

As we were inside before the doors opened, we got to listen to the head honchos giving their speeches to the staff. The store looks amazing and it was obvious that a lot of hard work had been put in by everyone involved. Dan Osborne from TOWIE was there too to provide the ‘celeb’ element to the opening. He did have a bit of trouble cutting the ribbon though!

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The first thing we noticed about the store was the sheer size of it. It’s spread over three floors; one for men’s wear, another for women’s wear and the third for children’s wear. Let that sink in. A whole floor of children’s wear! I could hardly contain myself! The new Spring ranges in NEXT are just absolutely gorgeous and I could easily have spent a small fortune. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately!) hubby was there to rein me in so we only bought one little outfit for Little M. It’s my new favourite, though!

I also treated myself to a pair of legging jeans which are so comfy, I’ve practically lived in them since… It was really nice to buy something for myself as I’ve barely bought any clothes since having Little M and don’t quite fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes – and I’m not sure I ever will!

The staff at NEXT intu Lakeside were lovely too. They couldn’t have been more helpful and were obviously very excited about their new store. And rightly so. It’s so bright and spacious; really easy to negotiate with a pram – the perfect shopping experience. Definitely worth checking out next time you’re planning a shopping trip. There’s even a Costa to keep you refreshed while you’re there…

Disclosure: We received a goody bag as a thank you for attending the opening of NEXT intu Lakeside, however all opinions are my own.

4 responses to “There’s a new NEXT in town…”

  1. Jaime oliver says:

    oh i am a massive lover of NEXT much to hubs disgust when the new account card arrived this week! i could spend small fortunes on the kids clothes 🙂

  2. I absolutely love Next – we went in there last weekend and I definitely want to go back again very soon! They have so many nice things in at the moment xx

  3. Mrs H says:

    This sounds great. I used to manage a children’s wear department in NEXT. But it was tiny. Definitely not a whole floor. That does sound awesome. And that outfit is completely adorable. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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