Timekeeping (or lack thereof)

September 13, 2016

I have to apologise to all of my friends. It would appear that I haven’t fully appreciated the catastrophic affect having a baby would have on my timekeeping. Although I wouldn’t really call it timekeeping. More a complete and devastating lack of ability to calculate the amount of time it will take to do anything.

Yesterday Little M and I went on our first mummy-daughter road trip. We went to Peterborough  to have lunch with the lovely Hannah of Budding Smiles and her baby Martha (both of whom are gorgeous lovely people, by the way!). Now, I’ve been to Peterborough before, once, when I was pregnant with Little M. It didn’t feel that far. And Google Maps reliably informed me that it would take 1 hour 30 minutes to get there.

Google Maps lied.

I’d barely got 30 minutes into the alleged journey before eating up the extra thirty minutes I’d smugly allowed to get there on time. First I had to pull over to check Little M’s straps on her car seat. Then she started crying so I had to stop to feed her, only for her to decide that milk was a completely unacceptable offering but walking around a petrol station shop is the activity of the moment.

I started to think it might be quicker to walk to Peterborough.

Road trip selfie! Taken on our I’m-sure-this-will-only-take-a-minute check of the car seat stop, while I was still full of optimism and perceived control of the time!

Once we eventually got back on the road, I managed to miss a pivotal turning, thus leading me on what I can only describe as a typical circuitous Google rescue route to get me back on track.

I won’t bore you further with the details, but we ended up being an hour and ten minutes late.

I mean honestly. Fortunately Hannah was lovely about it, but in future I’d best double the amount of time I think I’ll need to get anywhere!


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