Times I’ve been mistaken for being pregnant #2

September 30, 2015

Ok, onto embarrassing experience number 2! This time, we had just arrived in Venice for our summer holiday. We flew the graveyard shift Ryanair flight (as you do!) so arrived far too early for check in at our hotel. So, after changing into a pair of shorts and a floaty top (I think this may have been my first mistake) we decided to get some lunch before returning to the hotel to check in to our room.

Being Italy, most eating options nearby consisted of pasta or pizza. Not knowing about my gluten intolerance at the time, this didn’t seem like a problem, as pizza and pasta were two of my favourite food groups! Consequently I ate and enormous lasagne.

As we wandered around the vicinity of our hotel waiting to check in, I noticed several older men giving me a nice smile and a nod. At the time I just thought they were being friendly. In retrospect I think they were friendly, but they may have been congratulatory nods and smiles…

We returned to our hotel and checked in with the nice man at the desk. He, too, was a very smiley chap and as he was confirming the details, he leaned over the counter, looking down, and asked, “room for three?”

I kid you not, hubby (then boyfriend) and I looked down at our feet to look for the lost child that must have somehow found itself next to us.

No child in sight.

We must have looked confused, because the receptionist repeated again, complete with ‘knowing look’ and a waggle of the eyebrows, “room for three?”

At which point the penny dropped and I muttered, “Oh-my-god-he-thinks-I’m-pregnant.”

I’ve never seen someone’s face fall so fast. I didn’t really do him any favours though as I said sternly, “I’m not pregnant, just clearly very fat today!”

The poor man then tried back tracking and muttering that no of course I wasn’t fat. I interrupted him by telling him that there was no good way out of this conversation for him and he’d better just give me the bloody key to the room!

Another item of clothing consigned to the pile never to be worn again!

Have you ever encountered an experience of mistaken pregnancy? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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