Travelling with a baby

August 15, 2016

Today we’re off on our first long journey with Little M – we’re travelling down to Somerset for a friend’s wedding.

We’re leaving after lunch and I haven’t even started packing my things – my organisation got derailed by the washing machine breaking down yesterday afternoon. The door wouldn’t open as there was water in the drum so I spent a significant amount of time draining the machine (there may have been a small flood) so we could empty the contents and take it round to the in-laws to be washed.

In a way it was good timing, really, as John Lewis can’t deliver our new machine (for free) until Friday and we come back on Thursday (well, we are now!), which means we don’t have to go without a washing machine for the best part of a week as we’re away anyway. Can you imagine?! The horror!

I’m not entirely sure how we’re going to fit everything in the car. Thank goodness we bought a bigger one when Little M was born! For someone so small, she requires an awful lot of stuff. I’m sure we’re taking more than we really need to but it’s the old adage of rather taking too much than finding something essential is missing.

I may change my mind and start discarding things when I can’t close the boot. Maybe we should invest in a trailer. Or one of those roof top box thingies. Gosh, I thought you had to be over forty to own one of those. And someone who likes camping. What is life coming to?!

A few weeks ago it occurred to me that I had no idea how to sterilise without a microwave (we use those brilliant Medela microwave steam steriliser bags). I asked my lovely blogger mummy friends on Facebook, and Kate from LesBeMums very kindly sent me her cold water steriliser and some sterilising tablets. The kindness in the blogging world just blows me away. Hubby is now panicking as we haven’t ‘practised’ using it yet! I’m sure we’ll manage…

I also want to take the top part of the Snüzpod with us. Little M has been sleeping so well (for her) the past few nights that I’m dreading changing her sleeping habits. We were going to have her sleep in the carrycot of her pram (which is sleep safe) but it’s narrower than the Snüzpod and she loves sleeping with her arms flopped out to the sides.

Another thing I think I’ve totally overpacked on is clothing for Little M. But the prospect of no washing machine and a constantly changing weather forecast has made me panic-pack. What if she’s too hot/too cold/voms on everything? The natural answer is to take everything we own that currently fits her. Obviously.

Brilliantly, I did have a brainwave for how to organise her suitcase (she has a whole suitcase! We’re only going for three nights!) though. I’ve used my beloved IKEA skubbs to compartmentalise it. Genius I tell you!

I’m now wondering whether we take the baby bath or just bath her in the sink. Or the actual bath…there’s a novel idea…

Come on, tell me, what have I not thought of that I really ought to pack? I’ll let you know if there’s anything I’ve forgotten over on my Facebook page, but do let me know in the comments if there’s something else I should have thought of!

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  1. Mama Penguin says:

    Get in the bath with her. Means less to take and you get to have a soak too!

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