How I unwittingly followed the four present rule…

December 19, 2016

So, the four present rule. It’s a thing this year. I don’t usually go in for ‘things’, so while I read an article about it on the BBC news app, I pretty much mentally cast it aside and got on with my Christmas shopping without a second thought.

Four present rule, four gift rule

I didn’t really have any feelings either way, you see. I do cringe a little inwardly when I see friends’ photos on Facebook depicting a mountain of presents for their child(ren), wondering how on earth they could have afforded to spend that much money and whether their child(ren) would really appreciate each gift. I mean, sure, I bet they were massively excited to see Mount Present. But once the masses of wrapping paper had been consigned to the recycling bin? What happens then? They can’t possibly play with all those toys at once.

On the other hand, when I read about the four-present rule, I thought it sounded a bit, well, stingy. Why limit your poor child to just four presents? And one of them is something they need. Who wants something they need as a gift for goodness’ sake? So I put the four present rule down to be something that other people did, if they wanted to, and good for them. Each to their own and all that. We’d buy Little M a range of present for her first Christmas, but not go too mad. Job done.

How I realised I’d followed the Four Present Rule

It was when I was chatting to someone about what we’d bought Little M for Christmas, that I realised I’d only gone and followed the damn rule myself. She’ll have just turned seven months at Christmas so we’ve bought her the obligatory Jumperoo that every child of this age seems to have. That one’s going down as the ‘want’, as I assume if she could talk, she’d tell us that she wants it, please! We’ve also bought her a set of Julia Donaldson books, as I think hubby and I like them more that Little M does, and a Cuddledeer towel (which is cute but definitely a ‘need’ item).

four present rule, four gift rule

I refuse to buy any clothes as I’m intending to hit the Next sale on Boxing Day. It seems like a false economy. Aha! I thought, I’ve rebelled against the rule! But then I realised that a couple of weeks ago I bought Little M the most gorgeous JoJo sleep suit for her Christmas Eve box, which I’ll also be putting a book into.

I have also purchased a Grimm’s Rainbow for Little M but hubby and I chatted about it and feel that frankly, with the above, we’ve spent enough on M for her first Christmas, so we’ll be saving that for her first birthday in May.

So there you have it. We’ve unwittingly followed the four present rule. I almost want to get her a little something extra to be a rebel.

What are your views on the four present rule?

four present rule, four gift rule

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