The Minefield that is Weaning

December 16, 2016

If you’ve seen my Instagram lately, then you’ll know that my life is completely revolving around weaning at the moment. Honestly, it’s a minefield. Just when I thought I had this parenting thing sussed, Little M hit six months and I feel like I’m back at square one again. Not a clue.

From talking to other mums, much like everything else when it comes to raising babies and children, there are a variety of different ways to wean a baby. Baby rice, baby led, purée fed; I’m not here to tell anyone the right way to wean. But I thought I would share what I’ve been doing with Little M. It’s worth pointing out here that I don’t necessarily think that what I’ve done it right, either, just what I’ve felt comfortable with.

We started weaning the weekend after Little M turned six months old. For no other reason than because hubby wanted to be present at her first taste of solid food, and I wanted to wait until six months, as per the NHS guidelines. I realise now that it says around six months…but given Little M arrived two weeks early I think we’re still fine!

Anyway, we started with carrot puréed with a bit of breast milk. I know some people prefer baby led weaning. I know it’s the ‘thing’ at the moment, but I was terrified that Little M would choke. Yes, I know they have a good gag reflex. I know. But this is what I felt comfortable with.

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We continued for the rest of that week with single veg purées at lunchtime. Cauliflower was a particular hit! The following week we moved on to two mealtimes per day. Lunch and dinner, still with single veg puree. By the end of the week we added in a bit of well-mashed banana for pudding.

Then my friend visited, who also happens to be  a health visitor. Eek! She was lovely but gave me a good kick up the bum when she explained that Little M should be on three meals per day. NOW! She also said that I need to stop whizzing everything in the blender. Apparently the window of time to get them chewing is quite small. So I need to mash everything to an even consistency with a fork,  gradually increasing the even size of the lumps.

Unfortunately I increased the size of the lumps in Little M’s breakfast banana a little too much the other day, resulting in a projectile vomiting incident when she gagged. Oops. Fortunately my own breakfast bowl was just out of range. This has made me a bit nervous again, but I’ll keep trying and keeping a close eye on her when she’s eating.  Little M didn’t seem to be affected by it at all. Apparently me clearing a puddle of sick up off the floor is hilarious! At least one of us thought so.

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We introduced a bit of salmon for dinner on Monday night which went down a treat, followed by some chicken on Wednesday. We’re working our way up to having a piece of toast or similar once Little M is better able to hold her head more steady. She’s still a bit of a bobble head at the moment. I’m aware that we need to get on with weaning. But I’m also aware that she might not quite be ready, as she is a tiny little thing. Having said that, she’s loving everything that she’s tried so far. I’m sure the time will come when she refuses though. I’m sure that’ll be fun too!

How did you start weaning your little one?

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  1. Ugh. I hate weaning. I’m forever doubting myself! We do seem to have hit a groove lately though, so fingers crossed!! Q likes a few finger foods, broccoli, melon, etc, but is happy to take lumpier purees now. We’ve had an episode of choking on a piece of cracker that got stuck in his throat which is possibly the scariest thing to have happened since he was born – slow and steady is probably the best advice!

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