Pondering Playtime // We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Tuff Spot

August 31, 2018

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Welcome back to Pondering Playtime, my fortnightly series where I share a favourite picture book and a craft or play activity to go with it. This week, I’ve chosen , and I’ve created a lovely little sensory storytelling tuff spot to go alongside it.


We're Going on a Bear Hunt tuff spot

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – What’s the Story?

If you haven’t already read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, then you’re missing out! It’s a beautiful story full of sounds about a family of explorers who travel through (not over, or under!) grasses, rivers, muddy bogs, forests, snowstorms and caves on a quest to find a bear. But will they find one, and what will happen when they do?


We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Tuff Spot

I spent about 15 minutes setting up this activity, simply by gathering up bits and pieces that we already had around the house. The idea was to have an area of the tuff spot for each of the places that the family travelled through on their bear hunt. I used my astroturf mat (£5 on eBay) for the grass, a couple of blue sensory scarves for the river, some bran flakes for mud (recycled from my farmyard tuff spot activity),  some silk leaves, twigs and pine cones for the forest, cotton wool balls for the snow storm and a BRIO train tunnel as the bear’s cave. I took the bear from M’s animal collection and made a little family of BRIO and Duplo figures – I even found a dog!


BRIO and Duplo figures to make the We're Going on a Bear Hunt family

M moving the figures to tell the story.


To create this We’re Going on a Bear Hunt sensory tuff spot, you will need:



We're Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Tuff Spot

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Tuff Spot – What M thought

M loves this story and so do I. In fact, we’ve read it so many times that I can now recite it, in a Michael Rosen-esque fashion (check out the YouTube video of him telling the story if you haven’t seen it already) without even having the book in front of me. Handy when we’re stuck in a queue/rushing to walk home from an overdue nap!

M enjoyed me reading the story and helping her to move the figures through the different areas of the tuff spot. However, she was more interested in just doing her own thing and enjoying the different sensory experiences on offer. Of course, I was more than happy for her to do this, and we chatted about whether things felt hard or soft, scratchy or smooth, as she made her way around the tuff tray. I always think I’ve created a successful tuff spot activity if it’s virtually unrecognisable for what it was supposed to be, at the end!


M reading We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

M feeling a pine cone

M feeling cotton wool

M playing with sensory scarves.

The mess left at the end of the Bear Hunt activity!


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We're Going on a Bear Hunt sensory tuff spot - A sensory storytelling tuff spot to go with Michael Rosen's book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

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