What if…?

October 14, 2015

Sometimes, I wonder if it was a good idea to tell our friends and family that we’re trying to conceive. It seems to be in the forefront of their minds as much as ours (or maybe even more so).

Recently, a very good friend of mine (and bridesmaid at my recent wedding) asked me to be bridesmaid at her wedding next year. I was delighted to accept, of course. When I told my mum, the first thing she said was, “What if you’re pregnant?”

Well, if I’m pregnant, then I suppose I’ll be a pregnant bridesmaid! Of course, if it turns out that I am due to be massively pregnant at that time, then I’ll talk to my friend and won’t be offended in any way if she doesn’t want a massive bump in her wedding photos!

On the other hand, it’s more than nine months until her wedding, so if we happen to have a tiny baby at that time, then we’ll work around it.

I don’t know, am I just being a bit naive by being nonplussed by my mum’s question? It feels like of all the things that could create a barrier to me being a bridesmaid, the not-yet-certain possibility of me being pregnant isn’t really a major issue!

I guess we’ll just cross that bridge when (or if) it comes to it. I can’t hang around and not make plans ‘just in case’ – for some people, the process can be a lot longer than they think, and that thought is never far from my mind…


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