Worrying and overthinking with a poorly (but not poorly) baby…

February 9, 2017

So, last night we had an out of hours GP service adventure. It was actually kind of a non-event, but new parent paranoia and calling 111 for reassurance can wind you up in these kinds of situations.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother sharing this sort of thing, but given that ten minutes of frantic googling sent me into a panicked frenzy when actually there was a perfectly normal (probable) explanation I thought it would be good to share on this occasion.

I guess I should start at the beginning. Little M was doing her usual ‘I’ll let you think I’m going to sleep for the night at 8:30pm but actually I’ll wake up 45 minutes later and not sleep until 11’ routine when I noticed she’d done a poo. Not just a poo. A massive get-in-all-the-cracks poo. Apologies for the imagery but it’s relevant, I promise.

So hubby and I argued briefly over who was going to deal with said poo before tackling the issue together (he’s excellent at passing water wipes), I was wiping away when I noticed that there was a little blood when I wiped M’s vagina. She was totally fine in every other respect.

After googling ‘vaginal bleeding in 8 month old baby’ I duly overthought the whole situation and decided to call 111. The general consensus from people responding to queries on this topic was, “why the hell are you on your computer when you should be rushing your baby to the ER?!”

The first person I spoke to on 111 generally seemed to think that there was nothing wrong and passed me on to someone else (who I think may have been a nurse; by this time it was midnight and I wasn’t listening properly when she introduced herself) who took a different view and referred us to the out of hours service. I don’t know why I always think 111 will do what I want them to do and tell me to chill out and call my GP in the morning if I’m still worried. Of course when there is a baby involved they take every precaution.

Of course my tired brain then started overthinking the situation further as the only Google explanation I could find for vaginal bleeding in a baby older that its first week is abuse. Of course Little M is not being abused but my overthinking brain very quickly explored a scenario involving false accusations and M being snatched away from us. (Did I mention I hadn’t been to sleep yet? Obviously M is a good sleeper by necessity as I clearly don’t function on lack of sleep.)

As a result we ended up in the out of hours hospital and I’ll get to the point: The GP was quite unconcerned and quickly established that the most likely cause of the (very light) bleeding was withdrawal from my hormones due to the transition from breast milk to formula feeding. He said to keep an eye on it and if there are any further episodes after 3-4 weeks then to see M’s GP. Why on earth this very sensible explanation isn’t available via Google, I don’t know!

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