Pondering Playtime // ZOG Sticker by Numbers

January 11, 2019

Welcome back to Pondering Playtime, my fortnightly series where I share a favourite picture book and a craft or play activity to go with it. This week, I’ve chosen ZOG by Julia Donaldson, and created this easy sticker-by-numbers EYFS activity to go with it.

Zog by Julia Donaldson - Sticker by Numbers EYFS activity

ZOG – What’s the Story?

ZOG is about the biggest dragon in the class at dragon school, who longs for a gold star. He finds things tricky, though, but a lovely girl called Pearl helps him on his way. Can Pearl help Zog to capture a princess? And can he help her in return?

Zog by Julia Donaldson - Sticker by Numbers EYFS activity

Zog – Sticker by Numbers Activity

Julia Donaldson Zog EYFS activity - Sticker by Numbers

M is really into stickers at the moment. She loves reading books, knows her colours and has started to recognise some letters, but we haven’t really done much number recognition work yet (she is only two!).

I decided to create this sticker by numbers activity, linked to ZOG, as M has the book and has enjoyed watching the TV adaptation. If you’re like me, and not a confident artist, then you can adapt this ZOG colouring sheet to make your sticker-by-numbers sheet. I cropped it to just Zog, then traced it with a Sharpie. I added some pencil lines to make different sections, then wrote numbers in the sections, and added a key to the corner of the sheet.

Zog Sticker by Numbers Activity

You will need:

Zog Sticker by Numbers Activity

ZOG Sticker Activity – What M thought

M was excited before I’d even finished creating this activity. She saw the Zog colouring sheet on my laptop and started hopping around, asking why I had Zog in my computer.

We started the activity by talking about the numbers and the colours, and M listened carefully as I explained how it all worked. I always set up the same activity for myself, so that I can model what to do for M, without touching hers. This means that she can see clearly what to do, but her work is still 100% her own.

I’m always impressed with M’s fine motor skills and she showed them off again with this activity, carefully placing the black sticker on the pupil of Zog’s eye. She seemed to enjoy making sure that she was using the right colour stickers in the right places, and was thrilled with the finished result!

Zog preschool activity - sticker by numbers


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Zog by Julia Donaldson Sticker by Numbers EYFS activity

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  1. This is a great idea for an activity, mine have all loved stickers at this age and never thought to create a sticker by number!

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